Case Studies: Some Of Our Clients


We work with a diverse range of clients  making small changes with big impacts.  Our services  include consulting, corporate and executive coaching, facilitation and training . See the impacts by clicking on each logo below.

Presented Leadership Master Classes supporting staff applying for promotion and development opportunities.
Served on Board of Governors.
Trained student teachers on ofsted best practice
Career coached a Chief Super.Designed court skills curriculum, work book power point presentation.
Consulted with communities delivered strategies and good practice on neighbourhood renewal, crime reduction, community cohesion.
Project managed Evaluation: Neighbourhood Renewal: Tackling Inequalities In Education; Community Cohesion.
Managed recruitment process to introduce inclusion measures.
Delivered workshop on business leadership. governance and business planning
Led educators on a residential for inner city children to attend Cambridge University.
Contributed To Free Thinking Debates, "Is The Dream of Equality Dead"?
Delivered a panel presentation to OBV graduates.
Managed senior leadership recruitment strategy.
Delivered a key note and workshop training
Media Work On Equality
Benjamin Zephaniah's very public refusal of an OBE, Gloria talks about why she accepted the MBE
Feature UK Top 50 British Role Model
Work with national and local leaders on challenging racism in football.