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Corporate And Executive Coaching

Professional coaches come in many disciplines and niches. There is corporate and executive and  small business coaching, personal coaching as well as career coaching to name just a few.


Have you ever wondered what a corporate and executive coach does? The main goal in mind is helping their clients improve their business, or solve business-related issues they might be encountering. And at the end of the day, they help their clients grow their bottom line.  

If you are a small business owner or a leader of a large organization and want to know how this coaching is best suited for your current needs, ask yourself:

whether you (or your staff) require strategy or personal 

development ?

This will ultimately inform your decision.

A corporate and executive coach can:

-be independent (hired to coach teams and managers for specific periods of time)

-or can work in-house (retained by the company to coach the leadership and employees)

- or help you establish a business and the structure.

Corporate and  executive coaches are brought in to help you with personal development. Yes, the  personal development of executives will lead to improving the company’s bottom line, however, it’s certainly a more indirect method of going about the results.

Corporate and Executive coaches are typically hired to help C-suite, VPs and other executives with setting, following and achieving personal improvement goals

see the examples in our



Achievements vary from increasing productivity, developing leadership skills, managing staff, improving communication, increasing the bottom line etc.


It’s about facilitating change in someone’s (personal) behaviour which will ultimately result in achieving their fiscal goals, however indirectly. 

Look at this info-graphic to see how it works for you   

For corporate coaching
For individual coaching take a look here 
Cultural meaning.png
Corporate Cultural Competency 

People are creatures of habit. We like things that are predictable and find comfort in familiarity.


We’re hardwired to resist change, because by it's very nature, it brings uncertainty.


Uncertainty is a scary thing. It makes us feel like we’ve lost control, like we’re being led down a path blindfolded.

One problem with culture is that it is mostly hidden. We do not really recognize that we are, or have been, influenced by it.


By that I mean how we were raised, where we were raised and what beliefs and traditions were taught to us.


I have always liked the analogy that fish discover water last. A fish does not appreciate water until he is removed from it. 

How can cultural competency help you ?

- it assists your capability to function and relate effectively across cultural contexts. 

- it allows you to embed your personal behaviours, habits and attitudes into how we interact and create opportunities for people to thrive. 

- it helps you to acquire the correct knowledge, take the necessary actions and implement an appropriate strategy. 

Below is our model of step change to demonstrate how we lead you through this journey. Click on it to view the full graphic



- Culture Audits

-  EDI Leadership Growth           Planning 

- Organisational Race

  Equity Improvement and 

  Transformation Strategies

- Conduct & Competency        Support for GM workforce  





Here are some examples, of the end result of corporate cultural competence that resulted from our coaching, consultation and or training:

As a result of Gloria's coaching, on incorporating, cultural competence, there was change in the corporate culture of Merseyside Police.










Chief Superintendent, Rowly Moore, was empowered to make history.


He attained the highest ranking position, ever held by a Global Majority police officer, on Merseyside.   










Impact Analysis .png
Leadership and Business Development
Are you struggling to bring out the best in your organisation and its people?

Gloria works in partnership with organisations, their leaders and teams to help them understand why they are where they are and how to take the journey to get to where they want to be.

A proven specialist in race equity, organisation & leadership development, coaching, training and facilitation, her passion is achieving what's possible through people.

To achieve desired outcomes, we develop learning communities.

We help develop, culturally intelligent, racially and emotionally literate, leaders.

"Leadership is not about positions or flow charts, it's about one life influencing
another"  John Maxwell




Execs And Senior Leadership Teams

We offer solutions from a suite of options, including 1:1 exec coaching, team effectiveness, team coaching, and bespoke leadership development.

Established And Emerging Talent

We provide training so your emerging and established talent obtain the deep self-knowledge and critical skills to take their leadership capabilities to the next level.

Underrepresented Groups

Training delivered by trainers who are coaches and have expertise in supporting underrepresented populations, including women and racial minorities (otherwise known as the global majority).

For bespoke training, coaching or consulting:

leadership jpeg.jpg

To support organisational culture change and empower a workforce, we currently offer but are not limited to : 


Strategic Race Equity Planning & Leadership Development

Organisational Change & Transformation Planning 

Organisational Strategy, Action Planning & Policy Development  


Identification of Challenges & Solution Mapping

Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Talent. 

Consultation on Processes, Operational Performance & Improvement  

Coaching & Mentoring 

Corporate & Executive Coaching

Talent Mentoring 

 Individual Coaching 


In person & E-Learning

Race Equity Training 

Human Resource Training 

Workshops & Seminars 


Research & Report Design

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How Can We Help You & Your Company Grow It's Potential For Success? 
How to realise your vision? 
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