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7 Signs Of A Great Leader

Updated: May 28, 2019

A leader has followers. Leaders are those from whom we learn. They influence society’s agenda. They offer hope. Leadership is influence.

The True Meaning of Business Leadership Skills

The mark of a great leader is seen in the degree to which they provide service and sacrifice and the degree to which they initiate and include risk taking in their behaviours.

Those possessing true leadership skills need no credit and empower others. They know what’s most important to them having clear values, inspiring others to learn more, do more and be more.

Business Leadership Behaviour

Each one of us has individual assets that help us move forward and lead in our business. These help us to handle life’s events and form some of the unique traits that separate those who lead and those who follow. Which ones have you embraced and which ones do you have a natural affinity to? Use the chart below to identify yourself.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to lead others or maybe an employee looking to inspire others to follow your lead?

This is your invitation to explore and push towards the unknown in the challenge to lead your business forward with more details about how you can be supported to achieve this ambition through the Power To Entrepreneurial Success Coaching Programme..



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